How I gained thousands of Instagram followers in a month + tips

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Instagram is a great platform to use for marketing. 700 million people are active Instagram users so there is no shortage of subscribers to deliver content to. However, building a following from the ground up is not an easy task. When first starting out in the blogging world, I was desperate to make a name for myself and I felt lost on where to even begin.

After weeks of searching how to increase popularity on Instagram, I found some very useful tips. My focus was to build on one platform and spread out. Whether that is the best way to go about marketing, I’m not entirely sure, but so far it has seemed to work well for me, not to mention, it’s easier to focus my time and energy into one source first, rather than desperately trying to build across many platforms.

Maybe you have a steady following on Twitter or Facebook and that is where you are starting to build out from, and that works! I picked Instagram because I am very familiar with the platform, it’s easy to use, and there are various ways to gain popularity without doing much work.

I started @herstylesaysitall on April 30th, 2017 with zero Instagram followers.

My focus was on my content. I took the time to create fashion sets and design outfits that I loved and that I thought would gather attention. Content plays a huge part in gaining followers. If people like what you post, you’ll always be in business.

Engaging with users in your same niche is also a great tip. It’s one thing to engage with users who you like or find interesting, but if you are seeking out those who are putting out similar content, not only do you probably have a user who will appreciate your content, but also who you can learn from.

#hashtags. This might seem simple and like a no-brainer, but tagging your photos and posts can be tremendously helpful. That is how other Instagram users find your content. If you aren’t tagging pictures, you are throwing out a great (and free) way to market yourself. Find tags that are relevant to what you’re posting, and use tags that are popular.

Another excellent way to grow your following is by outsourcing someone to help manage your account. There are plenty of websites online who offer these services and for relatively cheap. Basically, they go in and ‘like’ and comment on photos and pages that are similar to your own. This has a great impact on a number of followers you gain and you’re hiring someone to do the marketing for you. Some might consider this cheating but when you’re struggling to make a name for your business or blog, it’s an excellent tool to utilize and the base of getting popularity is marketing, you’re just getting help!


  • When hashtagging photos, you can see how any people are using the tag just by typing the tag out. Take advantage of this. Some of the more popular tags are #Instagram #Instagood #love and #fashion.
  • Engage with users who post similar content and learn from them.
  • Ask questions. I’ve had a few DM’s from other users in the fashion niche who have asked me about how to make sets on Polyvore and how to design the backgrounds, and the truth is, I don’t mind answering questions at all. Some might think of it as being competition, but I’m happy to help.
  • Have a purpose and focus behind your Instagram account. Find a posting pattern, monitor the best time to post and what type of content of yours gets the most likes.
  • Use your influence for good. I know that sounds stupid but positivity attracts positivity. People don’t want to get negative photos in their feed, even if it is just the caption.

I’m going to close this post with a quote from the beautiful and amazing Dove Cameron:

“The Universe bends, for those with good intentions” 

I really do believe this is true. If you have a positive attitude and have a vision, you can do anything.

Love you all! Xoxo


* I know this post is different from my usual but I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it and wanted to help ❤


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